Nick Del Buono’s inspiring life represents the epitomy of the culture of life as he is helped to live a meaningful life, as contrasted with the case of Terry Schiavo who was purposely starved to death and denied hydration until she died.  Unfortunately her life represents the epitomy of the culture of death.

This true story is written by his mother, Barbara.  She chronicles her son’s struggle for life.  He was in a coma for 7 months; in hospitals and convalescent homes for 5 years; and at home for 22 years as a blind man, mute, crippled, and at times tube fed.  He required 24-hour care.

But throughout it all, he became an inspiration to countless people who came in contact with him and was a pleasure to live with.

He lived and died in a state of grace and now resides in Heaven where, hopefully, we will all join him when eventually we die too.

Acknowledged A Man